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Fall Feasts with our Holocaust Survivors

For the hundreds of Holocaust Survivors that we have an ongoing relationship with, this is a particularly special time of the year where, together with you, we will give them the opportunity to enjoy fellowship, community, and
the joy of gathering to celebrate the Biblical Jewish Holy Days.

This year in Israel, for Rosh HaShana, we will be distributing over 500 beautiful calendars and special holiday gifts. This is made possible by the generous support of friends like you. To join us in making the Fall Feast special for Holocaust Survivors please pray and please consder making a generous donation today.

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Behind the Curtain, The Candles Burn

Over the more than 2 decades of serving Holocaust Survivors, we have heard many heartbreaking stories. Many of the Survivors have expressed their desire that others could learn from their experiences, and a desire to share their stories began to stir in our hearts.

For a donation of $24 or more to our Fall Feasts Fundraiser, we will send you your very own autographed softcover copy of Behind the Curtain, the Candles Burn.

For a donation of $36 or more, we will send you an autographed hardcover edition.

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House into Home

Ukrainian Jews are fleeing to Israel. These Jewish people are arriving in Israel with only the clothes on their backs and a few suitcases!
We have already helped more than 180 families by purchasing necessities, such as blankets, clothing, cooking utensils, and other household goods.

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Your Jewish Connection with Rabbi Stewart Winograd

Rabbi Stewart Winograd has a wide array of inspiring, faith-building messages to bring to your congregation or church. Listen here.

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Ukrainian Relief

As the hostilities in Ukraine continue, millions are suffering. We have been led by the Lord to respond to offer whatever assistance we can to believers in Yeshua, Jewish people, and ALL those in need due to this war; both refugees and those still trapped in the middle of the war zone.

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Gen Next

Serving and sharing the message of Yeshua with the next generation of leaders through our annual Camp Chalutzim, International Messianic Training and Outreach Center and young adult mentoring programs is a vital and vibrant part of our ministry.

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Loving People into the Kingdom of God… One at a time!

Initiative Spotlight: September

Fall Feasts: Comfort for Holocaust Survivors

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Discover the amazing possibility for hope and the redemptive work of Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel in the aftermath of great suffering and loss.

House into Home

Providing the basic essentials and practical support for Ukrainian Jews fleeing to Israel.

Ukraine Relief

Working to bring relief and care to those in war-torn Ukraine.


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