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Israel Emergency Fund

On Oct 7, 2023 Israel suffered the largest terror attack in its history! Our Directors Stewart and Chantal Winograd are on the ground in Israel.
We are standing with Israel, meeting practical needs and offering spiritual and emotional support to the people of Israel as they face uncertainty and war.
You can help us meet urgent needs (there are many of them) and demonstrate the love of Yeshua by clicking here.

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Behind the Curtain, The Candles Burn

Over the more than 2 decades of serving Holocaust Survivors, we have heard many heartbreaking stories. Many of the Survivors have expressed their desire that others could learn from their experiences, and a desire to share their stories began to stir in our hearts.

For a donation of $24 or more to our Comfort for Holocaust Survivors Initiative, we will send you your very own softcover copy of Behind the Curtain, the Candles Burn.

For a donation of $36 or more, we will send you a hardcover edition.

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Your Jewish Connection with Rabbi Stewart Winograd

Rabbi Stewart Winograd has a wide array of inspiring, faith-building messages to bring to your congregation or church. Listen here.

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Compassion for Orphans

We partner with hospitals where abandoned and orphaned children are sent. Reach Initiative is committed to providing these children with the love and care they need. RII supports 2 full-time staff that visit with them in the hospital daily, serving approximately 20 abandoned children each week.

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Ukrainian Relief

As the hostilities in Ukraine continue, millions are suffering. We have been led by the Lord to respond to offer whatever assistance we can to believers in Yeshua, Jewish people, and ALL those in need due to this war; both refugees and those still trapped in the middle of the war zone.

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Comfort for Holocaust Survivors

Connecting with Holocaust Survivors through “Warm House” meetings, special excursions, biblical celebrations and continued home visits!

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REACH PARTNERS donate monthly and make an ongoing eternal difference in the lives of those in need. Your monthly partnership with RII brings stability and strength to the ministry.

Loving People into the Kingdom of God… One at a time!

Israel Emergency Fund

We are standing with Israel, meeting practical needs and offering spiritual and emotional support to the people of Israel as they face uncertainly and war.

Holocaust Survivors

Through this ministry, Holocaust Survivors discover that they are remembered, honored and loved by followers of Yeshua!

Order Here

Get a copy of our book “Behind the Curtains, the Candles Burn.”

Ukraine Relief

Working to bring relief and care to those in war-torn Ukraine.


Real hope.
Real transformation

At RII, we are committed to loving people into the Kingdom of God… one at a time!

“I believe God exists, He sent you to us. Thank you for care and attention to us.”
“Always come and pick me up, I want to be in a place where it is so joyful, and we sing songs to God!”
Let’s Connect

See what God is doing.

We would love to meet you! Learn about the ways Reach Initiative International is making an impact around the world. Get involved and see how you can make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Your Jewish Connection… with Rabbi Stewart
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Shavuot…. & Waiting!

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Passover and the Coronavirus

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Have We Learned From Auschwitz?

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