In 2005, a team of 6 young adults from our congregation in Minsk met with Chantal Winograd every week for 6 months. They sipped tea, brained stormed, prayed seeking the Lord for hours. Out of these meetings, the vision for Camp Chalutzim was born!

The camps would serve both believing and ‘not yet believing’ teens and children. The young adults from Reach Initiative’s congregations would form the teams to serve at the sleep-away camps.

The first camp was a great success! Lives were touched and transformed by Yeshua. Though the team of volunteers was exhausted at the end of camp, they looked at each other and said…”let’s do this again!” Camp Chalutzim became an annual event! 14 years and going strong!

Camp Chalutzim has become more exciting and better every year! We have seen many young people come to the Lord and return the following year to serve. Our teams consist of about 40 young adults from our 4 congregations who with joy give up their vacations in order to serve the Lord as volunteers at camp. One reason they do is that they are hungry to serve and experience the strong presence of God at camp.

About 20% of our campers are ‘not yet believers’ and many of them embrace Yeshua at camp!

Through the generosity of our partners and friends Reach Initiative International sponsors every camper, some fully, some partially.

How You Can Help

PRAY that our campers have deep encounters with Yeshua. Please pray also our team of young adult volunteer ministers, as they plan for these life-changing camps.

GIVE a donation of $250 will help make it possible for a needy child to attend Camp Chalutzim this summer. To make a donation please click here.

GO. If you are 18-30 years old then Camp Chalutzim is your opportunity to join your peers in the former Soviet Union for an exciting and fruitful time of ministry! Camp Chalutzim takes place in July every year.

What: Serve believing and ‘not yet’ believing teens and children in these Spirit filled, life transforming, and fun filled sleep away camps. You will serve alongside young adult Messianic believers from Eastern Europe.

When: Summer 2023 (June/July)

Where: Belarus

Who: Ages 18-30. For an application package, please contact us.

“I am so thankful that God allowed me to attend camp Chalutzim this year! I believe this camp has reminded me of how powerful and alive our God is. I was overwhelmed when I saw how the Holy Spirit was so active in the lives of the campers. Seeing the 10 teens accept Yeshua also moved me very deeply.” – Talia from Tampa, FL

“God moved my heart, spoke to me at the camp, and allowed me to speak to others. I believe He used this experience to grow me, show me more of who I truly am, give me confidence, and teach me about trusting Him. I hope to take hold of everything I learned and felt at this camp for the rest of my life,” – Silvie from Kingston, NY