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Writing and publishing this book would not have been possible without you, our supporters and donors, who have enabled us to continue the Comfort for Holocaust Survivors ministry for almost three decades. We are so grateful to God for you and for all the truly miraculous things He has accomplished because of your partnership!

Behind the Curtain, the Candles Burn: Recovering the Lost Stories of the Holocaust Survivors of Belarus 

chronicles the stories of fifteen individuals who were in their youth when their country was attacked by the Nazis. Their idyllic lives in thriving Ashkenazi Jewish communities on the eastern edges of Europe were transformed overnight into the living hell of the Holocaust. Their stories, after being hidden behind the Iron Curtain for decades, are finally being told. Discover the amazing possibility for hope and the redemptive work of Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel in the aftermath of great suffering and loss. 

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The book leaves you breathless and I assure you it will be very difficult to put it down!

Dr. Mitch Glaser, President Chosen People Ministries
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