On April 26, 1986, the Chernobyl accident, one of the worst nuclear power plant accidents in history, left Belarus devastated. The food, land, and air were contaminated. The incidences of cancer among the young began to rise as thousands of children were exposed to dangerous toxins.

Children fighting cancer need our love and support to find the strength to battle for their lives. We believe we have a mandate from the Lord to bring His hope and practical help to them.

Our goal is to continually support families of children battling cancer for 3 months of their child’s recovery process.

Many of the children who are battling cancer, require special food supplements during their chemotherapy treatments. The cost of these meals is $144 per month which is a substantial financial burden when the average Belarusian salary is only $500 per month!

Please give generously to provide help and hope to children and their families battling cancer. Your gift of any amount can help save a life!


The Need

Today, many Belarusian children struggle for their lives as they battle cancer. The financial and emotional support they receive is minimal. Parents often sell everything they own—their apartments and personal belongings—in order to pay for the best possible care for their children. Once the treatment is over many are left with nothing. Their resources are exhausted and many families are torn apart.

Touched by the need of the children suffering with cancer and the dire circumstances these families face, our hearts ached. We knew God was calling us to do something to help. In 2004, Reach Initiative started to organize visits to the Pediatric Oncology Hospital in Minsk to bring the hope and love of Yeshua.

What We Do

Your Partnership helps provide help and hope to children and their families battling cancer through the provision of special food supplements during their chemotherapy treatments. Many families would simply not be able to hold up under this substantial financial burden without your help.

Through the generous support of our partners, we have been able to help build a playground for these young children. We have also provided humanitarian assistance for parents (including food, clothing, and personal care items). We supply crafts and entertainment for the children, clowns, skits even a sleigh ride for the New Year!

How You Can Help

PRAY for these precious children and their families that are suffering so much. Also, please pray that the Lord would continue to give us open doors. That he would touch these children and their families with His love, comfort and healing power. That they would embrace Yeshua as their Savior and Lord.

GIVE generously to provide help and hope to children and their families battling cancer in the following ways:

One-time gift (suggested): Your gift of $144 will provide one month of much-needed food supplements for a child battling cancer. Families in Belarus make on average make less than $500/ month and are unable to afford these food supplements. Any gift amount will help save lives.

Become a REACH MONTHLY PARTNER: $24/month will help us provide food supplements every month of the year for one child battling cancer as well as additional help for their family members living in poverty.