Reach Initiative International (RII) is dedicated to serving Messianic Jewish Congregations worldwide.

The following ministries are designed to help congregational leaders and their members more effectively accomplish the Great Commission, to the Jew first.

Prizat Derech – Leadership Mentoring
Rabbi Stewart comes alongside congregational leaders for the sole purpose of helping them be more successful in accomplishing the vision the Lord has given to their congregation.

Compassion Based, Spirit Led Evangelism Seminar
Motivate and practically equip members of your congregation to fulfill the Great Commission.

L’ Dor V’ Dor Young Adult Mentoring
RII comes alongside Messianic Rabbis and their young adult leaders to help move these young leaders and their ministries forward.

Creating and Cultivating a Culture for Growth in Your Congregation
Rabbi Stewart shares proven principles learned through years of experience. Not simply theory, Rabbi Stewart will share from both his successes and failures. Plenty of time for dialog and questions, designed to meet your specific needs.

Rabbi Stewart Winograd has a wide array of inspiring, faith building messages to bring to your congregation during your Shabbat Services. For more information or to schedule Rabbi Stewart, Chantal or another RII speaker, please click here.