Reach Initiative International (RII) is committed to building bridges between the Messianic Jewish Community and the born again Christian Community. We believe our unity will facilitate entering more completely into the fullness that the Lord has ordained for the body Messiah. To more effectively accomplish His Kingdom work.

RII cooperates with a wide variety of Christian churches to accomplish various projects for the Kingdom of God. We are fruitfully co laboring together with our Christian brothers and sisters in a number of nations.

Israel and the Church: Dispelling Myths, Restoring Truth
A seminar developed to help the church see God’s plan for Israel and the Jewish people, past, present and future.

Compassion Based, Spirit Led Evangelism Training Seminar
This seminar will motivate and practically equip members of your congregation to fulfill the Great Commission.

Schedule an RII Speaker
RII ministers are equipped to bring Bible based, Yeshua centered, messages to your Sunday Service, Sunday School Class and Small Groups. We will also share exciting updates about what God is doing amongst the Jewish people in Israel, Eastern Europe and India.  AND… if you would like some Jewish joy and a time of deep worship, RII Worship Leaders bring an anointed, Eastern European Jewish praise and worship experience.

For more information or to schedule Rabbi Stewart or another speaker please contact us by clicking here.

What Christian leaders are saying

“I’ve had the honor and pleasure of knowing and working with Stewart for the past twenty years. He has always been a great blessing personally to me and my family, and a wonderful gift to our church. His teachings have helped us to truly know the heart of our Lord and our connection to our Jewish heritage. Stewart is always very insightful and encouraging and the congregation at Resurrection Life Church has been greatly enriched every time he has been with us. I wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend him to all.”Rev. Jeff Heck, Sr. Pastor, Resurrection Life Church, Rome, NY

“Stewart has spoken at Central Church in Memphis several times. He is an outstanding communicator. We bring him back frequently to inspire our congregation about Messianic outreach.” Jay R. Robinson, Elder, Mission Committee Member, Former Mission DirectorI first met Stewart and Chantal back in early ’90’s and have continued to follow their ministry all through their work in Belarus and beyond. I HIGHLY recommend Stewart’s ministry to all those who believe in Christ Jesus and long for His return. He is a dear brother in Christ and wonderful representative of the Kingdom. You will be absolutely blessed by the relationship!”Dr. David Pope, Missionary to West Africa

“Stewart is a wonderful, inspiring teacher. He is able to connect with his audience by using practical examples, personal successes and failures, biblical illustrations, and sound doctrine. I highly recommend Stewart and Chantal as teachers, missionaries, preachers, and co-laborers in the Kingdom of God. You will be challenged to get out of your pew and walk in the fullness of the “good works” God has prepared in advance for you to do.”Jacque Wagner, Executive Director and President of Care Net Pregnancy Center of C.N.Y. and N.E. Regional Consultant for Care Net National