Thank you for your interest in Reach Initiative International (RII), a Messianic Jewish ministry born out of our deep love for God and all His people. Yeshua is our example. Motivated by love, He lived a lifestyle of sacrificial service and giving for the benefit of others.

More than 35 years ago we encountered Yeshua, His love, His truth, and His power. Since that time our lives have never been the same! We are passionate about our relationship with Him and wholeheartedly seek to follow His leading every day.

Together with friends like you, we are committed to loving people into the Kingdom of God… one at a time!

Because His love and truth has transformed us, we have a Great Commitment to the Great Commandments- to love God and to love people, and to the Great Commission -to develop Jewish and gentile talmidim (disciples). We also want you to know that in a world where poverty and hunger are rampant, we are personally committed to living a simple and modest lifestyle.

The Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) is moving powerfully on the hearts of Jewish people around the world. RII has a mandate from the Lord to Reach Out and bring the good news of Messiah Yeshua to Jewish people who have not yet heard.

We encourage you to click around our site and check out the various ways God is using RII to accomplish His Kingdom purposes. We count it a privilege to connect with you.

Through our Project 58 initiatives, RII is bringing Yeshua’s love to the poor and those in need by providing them with practical and material help – no strings attached. God’s love is unconditional, and though we are weak and broken vessels, we are wholeheartedly committed to following His example of unconditional love for all people. We have come to understand that it is this kind of love that turns hearts to Yeshua!

Through Generation Next we are empowering the next generations to impact their world for God. We love to give our hearts and time to young people, imparting to them a vision for an intimate walk with Yeshua, and a lifestyle of compassionate service to others.

We are so blessed to have wonderful RII staff and volunteers ministering day after day on the ground on three continents. We have found that in every place the Lord has led us, we and our team members have had the privilege of ministering to countless individuals who were seeking for love… often in the wrong places. With great joy, we have introduced thousands to Yeshua’s perfect love and truth!

We at RII, are committed to co-laboring with Yeshua as He ministers:

  • Healing to the broken hearted
  • Hope to the hopeless
  • Forgiveness and freedom to those enslaved by sin and addictions
  • Comfort and joy to Holocaust Survivors
  • Compassion to orphans
  • Eternal life to all who will receive Him.

We are so thankful for our partners who pray and financially support this ministry. You are co-laborers and an essential part of this ministry. Thank you for standing with us!

Sincerely, yours and His,

Stewart and Chantal Winograd,
Founders, Directors Reach Initiative International

*Yeshua is the Hebrew way to say Jesus. When He lived in Israel his friends would call Him, Yeshua. His name means God’s salvation. We like to use His Hebrew name, Yeshua because it restores His Biblical Jewish identity in an age that has forgotten this important part of Yeshua’s identity.

What Leaders in the body of Messiah are saying about the ministry of RII

“I have known Stewart and Chantal Winograd for over 20 years. They formed Reach Initiative International (RII) after years of serving successfully on the mission field in Belarus. They are passionate about reaching the Jewish people with the good news of Yeshua. Stewart and Chantal are dedicated to teaching and training the younger generations, effectively imparting what they have learned and experienced. I encourage you to get involved in their fruitful ministry.” Jonathan Bernis, President and CEO of Jewish Voice Ministries International

Whether it’s Holocaust Survivors, orphans or others needing a loving embrace and a practical response to their challenging situation, the Reach Initiative International team is there as the hands and feet of Yeshua. This is a work that deserves our prayers and our financial support. Their work to bring the good news to Jewish people that have never heard is both creative and strategic. We love the directors, Stewart and Chantal Winograd! And it’s a great privilege to have Reach Initiative International as a trusted member of the Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries (FIRM).” – Pastor Wayne Hilsden, Co-founder of King of Kings Community, Jerusalem, and President of the Fellowship with Israel Related Ministries (FIRM)

“Having served as former Chairman of the IAMCS for four years and being a Messianic Rabbi for for over 25 years, I have seen and observed many ministries. As a board member of Reach Initiative, I am deeply impressed with the integrity and ongoing fruitfulness of this cutting edge ministry. Stewart and Chantal not only labour faithfully year after year, but they are wise and effective; clearly a testimony that the Lord Himself is with them.” Messianic Rabbi Jeff Forman, City of David Congregation – Toronto

“Reach Initiative International is one of the most strategy-savvy Jewish ministries of the third millennium of Gospel proclamation. RII is a God-ordained and Holy Spirit-energized means to reaping the firstfruits of the climactic “All Israel” harvest the Apostle Paul envisioned. I financially support RII because I believe in this God-picked spiritual team and am a witness to their ability to hear God’s heartbeat and strategy for Israel’s salvation in this generation!”Dr. Ray Gannon, Director: The King’s University

“We have gratefully sent a number of our alumni and friends to work with the fruitful ministry led by Stewart and Chantal Winograd. I commend them for their evangelistic zeal for both the Jewish people and the nations, and for their desire to raise up the next generations as passionate disciples of Yeshua.”Don Finto, Pastor, Author and Founder of Caleb Company