How does Monthly Partnership with Reach Initiative International make a difference?

REACH PARTNERS donate monthly and make an ongoing eternal difference in the lives of those in need. Your monthly partnership with RII brings stability and strength to the ministry.

Your prayers and support enable us to continue Loving people into The Kingdom one at a time with much-needed practical and spiritual support for Holocaust Survivors, widows, orphans, the impoverished and others in need.


Bringing the Good News to the people of Israel that have not yet heard, on 3 continents. As we seek to co-labor with the Lord, in the power of the Ruach (Spirit), in this prophesied end-time revival of the Jewish people and the nations, your financial support would be a blessing.  For $18 (18 in Hebrew is Chai meaning Life!) or more per month, you can help cover the basic costs of this work.

Holocaust Survivors: Through your support, ongoing home visits are made by our volunteer teams in Israel and Belarus. Serving more than 500 Holocaust Survivors. We also supply Rosh HaShana, Chanukah and Pesach celebrations and special gifts/food baskets for each survivor in Israel and Belarus – the cost per special gift is $30. A monthly donation of $30 over a 12-month period will bless 12 Holocaust Survivors.

Welcome Home – Assisting Jewish refugees in Israel: Because of the generous support of friends like you, we have already served more than 300 families that have recently made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) as a result of the war in Ukraine. There are another 500 families who have contacted us and are waiting to be helped! Your gift today will enable us to serve them in ways they urgently need: by finding and furnishing apartments; by offering friendship, encouragement, support and care; by providing clothing and other essentials; and by assisting in navigating their new life in Israel. Your gift of $100 a month will help us continue to serve these families and increase the families we are able to offer assistance to.

Ukraine Relief Fund: Your gift will help us provide food and other essentials, help people evacuate war torn areas; and enable us to send financial support to trusted Messianic leaders and Christian pastors who are helping hundreds of others in their cities and beyond. YOUR SUPPORT of $50 a month will also enable us to purchase needed food, medicine and vans to transport people & supplies to the refugee centers within Ukraine.

Chesed In-Home Care: Your support will help us serve the elderly, sick and home-bound, including many Holocaust Survivors. Our teams help with practical needs such as cleaning, cooking and shopping while also providing friendship and spiritual support. Many forgotten people have embraced Yeshua through this initiative. $50 per month covers the cost of 1 person in need of assistance.

Camp Chalutzim: More than 1,400 teens and children have been blessed at our 10-day Camp Chalutzim sleep-away camp. Many of these less fortunate children would never be able to attend camp without your support. Every camper is sponsored in part or fully. Your gift of $100 a month will sponsor 6 campers to fun-filled, life-transforming Camp Chalutzim.  A gift of $200 a month will sponsor 12 needy children or teens.

Your continued prayer for all of RII’s ministry initiatives is appreciated. Please pray for our 4 Messianic Jewish Congregations, those who receive Chesed In-Home care, and all of the Holocaust Survivors, Orphans and teens who often feel alone and forgotten.