Pritzat Derech – Leadership Mentoring

In Pritzat Derech (Breakthrough) Leadership Mentoring, Rabbi Stewart Winograd is coming alongside congregational leaders for the sole purpose of helping them be more successful in accomplishing the vision the Lord has given to their congregation.

We have a Great Commission, to the Jew first and also to the Gentiles (Mathew 28:19,20 & Romans 1:16). Through Prtizat Derech we want to help Messianic Congregations be more successful in reaching our Jewish people as well as Gentiles with the good news of Yeshua; and then disciple, equip and release these talmiddim (disciples) for fruitful ministry.

Every organization and every congregation has a culture. Some aspects of our cultures are pro-growth; others are anti- growth. Rabbi Stewart is experienced at helping leaders evaluate the culture of the congregation, and move forward in developing a Biblical, pro- growth culture. We believe the Lord wants your congregation to grow in both quality and quantity!

Pritzat Derech Mentoring has helped congregation leaders:

  • Create a culture of growth in their congregations; thus more effectively reaching Jews and Gentiles with the good news
  • Ignite the fires of “first love” for Yeshua and revival in their members
  • Grow in practical leadership skills and embrace Ruach (Spirit) empowered strategies to move forward
  • Develop simple, purposeful systems and a structure to make quality talmidim (disciples) and give pastoral care
  • Better equip and release volunteer ministers for fruitful service in their areas of gifting
  • Raise up young leaders

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What Others Are Saying

“Shalom Chaverim, I am writing to affirm the integrity, skill, experience and anointing upon Stewart Winograd. If you are looking for someone to mentor you into the next level, Stewart would be a wise choice. Stewart guided and mentored me for several months as we began an Aleph outreach in the Toronto area several years ago. He was both tender when I needed encouragement and tough when I slacked off a bit. I can say without hesitation, much of our success in Aleph was due directly to Stewart’s help.” — Rabbi Jeff Forman, City of David Messianic Synagogue, Toronto, Canada
*Note: Aleph is a Jewish evangelism strategy.

“Stewart Winograd, through Pritzat Derech Leadership Ministry, has been used as an invaluable tool for leadership training and mentorship in my life. God has used Stewart to pour into my life. My personal life and leadership has been profoundly affected by the Winograd’s example and heart in ministry and leadership development. Two thumbs up for Pritzat Derech!”Rabbi Tim Hyslip, Congregation Baruch Ha Shem, Phoenix, Arizona

“The mentoring I have received from Stewart Winograd, under the heading פריצת דרך Pritzat Derech, or Breakthrough, has been very valuable and useful. He’s modeled and motivated a greater commitment to prayer and intercession, to outreach by our adults in an Alef program and our young people on the streets, and to staff interaction and unity. The teaching on home groups and accountability has also been helpful. His ministry has had a positive impact on my leadership, and on our congregation as a whole. I highly recommend Rabbi Winograd’s Pritzat Derech Leadership work!”Rabbi Shmuel Wolkenfeld, Congregation Or HaOlam, Kansas City