Reach News Now: Israel & India

Reach News Now reports news headlines affecting the regions where our efforts are focused, including Belarus, India, Israel, and Ukraine. We aim to illuminate the challenges and developments in these areas, share insights on their implications, and guide our supporters on how to pray effectively for the communities we serve.

Reach News Now: Israel & India

India Issues Fresh Advisory After Killing Of Kerala Man In Hezbollah's  Missile Attack I Details - YouTube

India Issues Advisory For Its Citizens In Israel After Kerala Man Killed

Following a tragic incident near the Israel-Lebanon border, where a missile strike resulted in the first Indian casualty amidst the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, the Indian government has issued an advisory for its nationals in Israel. The embassy of India in Israel has strongly recommended that all Indian nationals, particularly those in or visiting the northern and southern border areas, move to safer regions. The embassy is actively coordinating with Israeli authorities to ensure the safety and security of Indian citizens in the region. Credit to for their coverage.

Impact on Our Organization:

This incident and the continued threat of missile strikes directly affect our organization’s efforts and activities in the region. It brings to the forefront the critical importance of safety for volunteers and staff members working in Israel, especially near conflict zones. The advisory and the unfortunate loss also underline the need for heightened awareness and preparedness in such volatile environments.

Ways to Pray:

  1. Safety Concerns for Operations: The threat from Hezbollah necessitates heightened security measures for our staff and volunteers, especially those near conflict zones. Ensuring their safety becomes increasingly challenging amidst such threats, potentially hindering our ability to deliver aid and support.
  2. Increased Humanitarian Needs: The violence in the region leads to additional displacement and trauma among local populations. Our organization must respond to these growing needs, from providing emergency relief to offering long-term support.
  3. For Peace: Pray for a resolution to the conflict in the region that ensures the safety and security of all people. May peace prevail, and those affected by violence find solace and hope.

The recent advisory from the Indian embassy in Israel for its nationals to relocate to safer areas within the country, considering threats from groups like Hezbollah, highlights the unpredictable and volatile nature of the security situation in Israel. RII remains committed to adapting our strategies and responses to continue our mission under these challenging circumstances.


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