RII ministers are equipped to bring Bible based, Yeshua centered, messages to your Sunday or Shabbat Services, Shabbat School, Sunday School Class and Small Groups.

We will also share exciting updates about what God is doing amongst the Jewish people in Israel, Eastern Europe and India.

Message Topics:

  • God’s Strategic Plan for the Revival of the People of Israel and the Nations
  • How to Love People into God’s Kingdom…One at a Time!
  • God’s Appointed Feasts: Past, Present, Future (Leviticus 23)
  • Compassion Based-Spirit Led Evangelism
  • Uncovering the Roots of Anti-Semitism
  • Messiah in the Passover: Ancient Lessons for the Modern Church
  • Did the Jews Reject Jesus? What Really Happened 2000 Years Ago?
  • Did the Church Replace Israel: The Myth of Replacement Theology
  • What Is God Doing Amongst the Jewish People Today: And How To Get In On It!
  • What is Going on in the Land of Israel
  • How To Really Love Jewish People and Show Them Their Jewish Messiah
  • Testimony of a Jewish Believer
  • Testimony of a Gentile with the Heart of Ruth
  • What is the Significance of the Restoration of the Tabernacle of David (Amos 9, Acts 15)
  • What is the Significance of the Modern Messianic Jewish Movement
  • AND…if you want some Jewish joy and a time of deep worship then you are in for special treat of powerful, anointed, Eastern European Jewish praise and worship (message too!) when you invite one of our WORSHIP LEADERS.

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