For most people the largest gift they will ever give will occur in a moment of time when they leave all their possessions behind and go on to be in the glorious presence of Yeshua forever! Your Will can be a simple and meaningful way of giving to expand Yeshua’s Kingdom work through RII. Without a will, the government dictates who receives your assets and who becomes guardian of your minor children.

An up-to-date Will can offer peace of mind as you put in place the plan for blessing your family and the ministries you love. A gift made through your Will provides a legacy, which directs your earthly treasure to produce heavenly treasure. Your planning now can result in many Jewish people entering into the joy of our Lord long after you have entered in yourself.

Contact your attorney to make a Will or to update your present Will. Then contact us to let us know.

Email us at admin@reachii.org for assistance

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Reach Initiative International is a member in good standing with ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability), giving our donors another assurance that their gifts will be used with the highest degree of integrity.